Akkasee Group
An Introduction

Established in 2002, Akkasee Group has based its photographic efforts on different platforms such as an expert website for broadcasting photographic News and articles, a Photography training institute, an internet shop for photographic educational items, an E-learning photography school and a photography-dedicated Forum.

Akksee.com is the most-visited and oldest online medium in distributing information about photography and photographers in Iran and is the main source for almost all Farsi news agencies and Newspapers on news in Photography.

Its broadcasting includes reviews on technology innovations in digital photography in addition to new product announcements from major companies, Critic sessions and gatherings on photography, Open Calls of photo contests, exhibition announcements, technical or conceptual photographic articles, photographic News and anything else about photography both nationally and internationally.

Akkasee Group has established a Photography training institute in Tehran since 4 years ago. This institute offers various classes for basic, intermediate and advanced photography. More than 3000 students can annually choose to study in different photography courses in applied, documentary and conceptual genres of photography. The class schedule with complete details about the courses and registration rules is always available on a special part of the website and is updated regularly.

Akksee.com is also hosting some different inner-sites each with a different aim such as:

– is the online gallery site for users, with Flickr like concept. Akkasee.com’s gallery is the main gathering point for more than 42,000 registered users and 10,000 active Iranian photo up-loaders. It hosts more than 257,000 pictures right now.

– is the oldest dedicated Farsi discussion forum on the subject of photography with about 22,300 registered users. With careful management, all discussions are sorted and pointed in to correct group and all technically incorrect comments are noted, so, the information is organized and correct for future references.

– is another section of the site with more than 845 online Farsi articles about both technical and artistic aspects of photography. It is being consulted by more than 2,000 unique visitors every day. These articles cover photography from Analogue and film age to modern digital ages, on various aspects.

– provides different online photography courses that allow its more than 4000 students to learn photography from anywhere across Iran or even abroad in Persian language.

– made it possible for all Iranians across the country to shop online any photographic educational or cultural material in Persian language. More than 300 items as books, magazines and DVDs are available to buy online on this shop right now and all orders can be mailed to different parts of the country.

– is another part of the website that helps users to order online printing for their pictures after uploading them on their accounts. All orders will be mailed to them as soon as possible after the end of printing process.

– service provides unlimited storage for published photographers to have their own professional weblog.

Akkasee.com has some other sections, most notably an address book which has information about almost all Iranian photography equipment stores, laboratories, printing houses and etc.